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Q:What is the level up initiative?
A: The Level Up Initiative is a student and clinician driven movement dedicated to inspiring positive change into Physical Therapy education with the ultimate goal of improving patient care. Through online mentorship groups and educational modules, students will be challenged to embrace a growth mindset and develop the skills necessary to become excellent clinicians and leaders, inspiring future generations of Physical Therapists to create positive change in our profession as byproduct.

Q: Who can join?
A: The guided online educational mentorship at this time is available to current student PTs/PTAs, new grad PT/PTAs, Chiropractic students, and New Grad Chiropractors. The self guided mentorship is open to the healthcare public (pre PT/Chiro, LMT, fitness) as well as the  community group on Facebook and IG.

Q:What can I expect to learn from this mentorship?
A: Mentees can expect to learn the following:

-Understand why having a growth mindset is so critical for success not as a PT student/clinician, but in life, as well as actionable strategies on attaining one.

-Understand why our most important tool as clinicians is critical thinking.

-Mentees will learn the importance of studying to understand the material, as opposed to memorizing. Mentees will walk away with actionable strategies to improve their critical thinking, and apply it to both their personal life and as a student/HCP.

-Understand why embracing soft skills such as listening and communication are such a powerful foundation for successful treatment as a clinician, but how these very same skills help equip us to succeed no matter what path in life.

-Mentees will understand active strategies to improve their listening skills in order to build more powerful doctor-patient relationships.

-Mentees will have an improved understanding of motivational interviewing strategies, and how this can apply both clinically, and in life.

-Mentees will have actionable strategies to improve their communication/public speaking skills in order to build more powerful relationships not only clinically but in life.

-Overall, mentees will walk away with a framework that is based in evidence based positive psychology, and learn how we can integrate these principles into becoming great humans, great HCPs, and great leaders of change.

Q: What are the modules covered during the 4 month mentorship?
A: Growth Mindset, Critical Thinking, Listening, Communication

Q: How can I become a mentor?
A: You can become a mentor one of two ways. Mentees will have an opportunity to apply to become mentors after completing their 4 month mentorship. Colleagues with at least one year of experience can apply to become mentors for following cohorts.

Q:What is the cost of the mentorship?
A: Free

Q:How long is the mentorship?
A: Four months

Q: What is the time commitment for mentors (weekly, monthly)?
A: Roughly 4 hours/month as a floor. Mentors are expected to serve as a sounding board for the four months they are with students, having access to email.

Q:What is the time commitment for mentees (weekly, monthly)?
A: Mentees will be responsible for watching the 4 modules, plus 4 guest modules (2/month), as well as the 1 hour zoom call monthly. Overall, it breaks down to roughly 3 hours as a floor of commitment, with the possibility of more time dedicated through additional optional learning.

Q: Can I still be involved in the community without formally doing the mentorship?
A: Hard yes. This movement and profession NEEDS you. Any and all support is welcomed. There will be tons of great content offered at no charge through our email list, FB group, and IG page.

Q: Can I get CEUs for this mentorship?
A: Not at this time.