Core Values

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"Passion has its roots in the Latin word pati, which means 'to suffer or endure.'

Therefore, at the root of passion is suffering. This is a far cry from the way we casually toss around the word in our day-to-day conversations. Instead of asking 'What would bring me enjoyment?' which is how many people think about following their passion, we should instead ask 'What work am I willing to suffer for today?' Great work requires suffering for something beyond yourself. It’s created when you bend your life around a mission and spend yourself on something you deem worthy of your best effort. What is your worthwhile cause?" - Todd Henry

Man...When my friend Daniel Viscovich shared that definition it really hit me hard.⠀This definition brings another level to it, one that makes way more sense to me.⠀This definition brings clarity to the amount of time. effort. energy. and emotion that I have put in day after day towards achieving a goal of improving myself to better serve healthcare.

Are you willing to put the time in to be great? Are you willing to spend time building meaningful connections for the greater good of the humans we serve? Are you willing to make some sacrifices in your social life for your passion? These are a few of the questions that come up when I think about what it takes to become a leader in this(any) industry.

Ultimately, my naive hope would be that everyone in the field of Physical Therapy has passion for this field within them, but sadly, I know this to be untrue.⠀This is level one of our core values. If you possess passion for Physical Therapy, and this movement, it will set the stage for success.

Service Mindset

This is the critical question you must ask yourself.

I live this core value every single day, and am a HUGE proponent that if you focus on SERVICE first, and make this your PURE intent, you will make money AND THEN SOME as a byproduct.

I see so much in-authenticity in healthcare. Everyone focusing on making a quick buck, seeing 30 patients in 8 hours, building "viral accounts" and forgetting what our COMMON purpose is in this profession.

To provide the best possible care to the humans we serve.⠀People can smell in-authenticity from a mile way. When I was brainstorming the core values for this platform, this one rose to the top for this reason.

Every single one of you in this movement, embodies this value. It is part of what unites us in bringing forth positive change in this profession.

Want a bigger account? Want to kill it in your clinic?Remember your why, to serve humans.

At the end of the day, I believe in this vision so strongly, because it is rooted in something so purely service based.

Forward Thinking

Are you someone who looks at a situation or something and accepts it as the norm?

Or do you question if there is a better way to do it? Or a way it can be improved?

To me, forward thinking means you are constantly reflecting inward, asking yourself how you can be better, what you can do to make something better, and that you are comfortable challenging the status quo.

Innovation and progress comes from those that are forward thinkers, those who are not scared to challenge the norm...and that’s who I want on my team.

Growth Mindset

We believe in our innate ability as humans to rewire our mindset for the better. We believe in taking ownership over our actions, interactions, and emotions in order to fulfill our individual growth potential. When we are able to make this fundamental shift in how we approach ‘failures,’ adversities, and problems in life, it sets us up to learn and grow from these events, rather than let them define us as a failure.


In healthcare, we get so caught up in being “fixers” and “operators” vs. "interactors" and "facilitators."⠀...Lots of ego. And probably my least favorite person to work with collaboratively is the person who is never wrong and knows it all.
Not just in healthcare, but in life.

We need to be able to step back and accept the input of our patients/clients, or any “teammate” in life, and work together towards a common goal, especially when we are wrong.

Teams who practice humility and see each other as equals have no problem admitting faults and are quick to implement change and grow from them in a positive manor.

This type of collaboration fosters growth, transparency, and innovation and is a major way that genuine positive changes occur.⠀Having humility to me, means being able to reflect, recognize when you're wrong, take ownership, and realizing how you can grow from it.

Abundance Mindset

Sadly, the former is often the default mindset in PT school and becomes learned within the culture of healthcare. Rewind to your experience in PT school, or currently if you are a student, would you say this is fairly accurate to describe the common theme of competition?

One thing I strongly disliked about PT school, was how this SCARCITY mindset reigned supreme. It was so petty, people were competing constantly towards each other, rather than themselves...The scariest part, it is that it's contagious and becomes the norm for students and new grads...

When I think about what drives a successful culture, this core value is essential. Having an abundance mindset (to me) means living in competition with yourself, not others. It means you understand that there is PLENTY to go around, and as a matter or fact, demonstrating TEAMWORK, HUMILITY, and SERVICE will yield you more success as a byproduct.⠀This type of mindset is also CONTAGIOUS. 
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