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Zak Gabor PT, DPT, CSCS Founder

I saw a problem and I had to take action.

After a few years of clinical practice - I was seeing first hand the flagrant over-medicalization of our society, I was seeing the extremely harmful (and unsubstantiated) narratives we were using to educate our patients, and I was seeing how we quite literally, were (well intentioned) contributing to the healthcare problem on a daily basis, that so greatly affects our country (and world).

While taboo to stand up against deeply vested systems in healthcare and academia - change cannot happen from remaining silent. And we believe that there IS a better way to do healthcare. The Level Up Initiative was created to help give a frustrated population of passionate professionals a collective voice of reason and hope. It was created to inspire others to step up, get involved, and take action on factors we have control over.

Through education on mindset, thinking, and communication, we believe we could both fill a void of what is missing in healthcare education, while creating a network that is equipped and driven to navigate this seemingly insurmountable healthcare epidemic that we are faced with today.

If this resonates with you, please consider reaching out, or getting involved.

Stephanie Allen PT, DPT, OCS Co-Founder

As a student, I was definitely guilty of studying to pass the test and taking what my professors said as, basically, gospel. When I started to be a bit skeptical about the concepts being taught and the reasoning behind certain things, I did not have the confidence to question anyone or anything. I was a student, and a young female, and I was graduating from one of the best DPT programs in the country...what place did I have to question anything?

As a new grad, I was becoming increasingly discouraged. I had completed a residency and was trekking around the country doing travel PT and all I could think was “Is this really what PT is? Is this what people think we do? Is healthcare as a whole this...mediocre?” I even contemplated if I had chosen the right profession because something within me kept saying “there HAS to be more. We HAVE to be able to do better than this.”

My WHY stems from the deep unrest and unsettled feelings I had throughout school and during my first few years out. I am here because I do not want students to continue to feel like they don’t have a voice. I am here because I am sick of hearing my patients tell me how broken they are. I am here because I want to see the end of overmedicalization and over utilization in healthcare. I am here to be a part of an amazing culture of people that will transform healthcare for the better.

Let’s go!

Cedric Haddad PT, DPT, CSCS Co-Founder

"When in doubt, be human." -Psychiatrist Karl Menninger

Many beliefs and models have changed in my journey from Student to New Grad to Serial Entrepreneur, but the sentiment above holds stronger than ever. In a world where technology, algorithms, and “productivity” rule the day, the need to be more human, and a better human, takes on a whole new meaning and significance. For healthcare professionals, it’s our mandate and shapes the path for creating long-term, deep-rooted positive impact in our patients and communities.

Early on in my career, through intuition and great mentors, I learned the human in front of you has more to teach you than the textbook next to you. While a textbook can and should inform your care, the human relationship (i.e. therapeutic alliance) and the human experience is the ultimate game changer.

Research and data continue to prove this out and (finally!) clinicians and consumers are starting to talk about it!

What we are still missing at scale though is an education platform and community that actually provides healthcare professionals with the tools, strategies, and principles needed to be a more effective human in healthcare. And that’s what The Level Up Initiative is on a mission to change!

I am excited to help lead this movement, and create a sustainable, human-centered business that drives positive change in healthcare. It’s not going to be easy, and it would be “safer” to milk the system already created, but our patients and clients are worth it.

Hope you will join us.

Frank Benedetto PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, CSCS Co-Founder

The field of physical therapy is experiencing a crisis. The majority of the profession is trapped in an unstable business model, performing interventions that haven’t been supported by research in over a decade.

At a very young age, I had already sensed that something was broken in the Physical Therapy industry.

Because of a traumatic injury early in life, I implicitly understood that the foundation of the rehab process was the relationship between the patient and the practitioner.  I also suspected that every injury carried some degree of emotional involvement.  Despite this seeming obvious, I saw little focus on these areas in the outpatient clinics I observed.

This inspired me to pursue a degree in both Psychology and Physical Therapy and I made it a mission to become a change agent in the industry.

I spent the first 6 years of my career focused on becoming one of the most credentialed PTs in the country and studying applied psychology.  I honed my clinical and interpersonal skills with relentless intensity. I’ve spent the past 5 years building businesses that embodied the change I wanted to see.

Having been a victim of the medical system as a patient, and then trapped in the system as a provider before going into business myself, I will not stop until a massive change is made.  

Join the movement. Together, we will transform the people who will transform healthcare.  

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